Show Type: Comedy/Drama

First Telecast: June 25, 1993

Last Telecast: August 18, 1993

Theme Music: Written and performed by Jimmy Buffett

Broadcast History:

June 1993 – August 1993, Friday 10:00-11:00 on CBS

June 1993 – August 1993, Wednesday 11:30-12:40AM on CBS


Johnny Tenuti (Johnny Bago)..... Peter Dobson

Beverly Florio..... Rose Abdoo

Ma Tenuti..... Anna Berger

Don Roselli..... Michael Gazzo

Vinnie..... Richard Romanus


Cartoonish series about a man on the run – in a Winnebago. Johnny Tenuti was something of a dim bulb, a small-time hustler recently paroled from prison whose cousin Vinnie, who had been responsible for his imprisonment, set him up a second time – this time for the murder of Chico Roselli, son of Don Roselli, a local crime boss in New York’s Staten Island. Johnny fled New York and hitched a ride from Hick, a grizzled old man traveling around the country in a beat-up recreational vehicle. To conceal his identity, Johnny took his last name from the RV (a Winnebago), which became his when Hick expired during a fishing tournament.

Johnny lumbered from trailer park to trailer park trying to keep one step ahead of the police, Don Roselli's men, and his parole officer, who just happened to be his shrewish ex-wife-from-Hell, Beverly. He was hoping to find evidence that would exonerate him before he was either caught by Beverly, or killed by Roselli’s bumbling men. As he moved from place to place, Johnny sent letters to his mother to reassure her that he was still alive and to tell recount his adventures in Middle America.

CBS attempted to build up an audience for this quirky series by rerunning the Friday-night prime-time episodes as part of its late-night lineup on the following Wednesdays. It didn't help.