Show Type: Children's Show

First Telecast: March 21, 1953

Last Telecast: June 13, 1953

Broadcast History:

March 1953 June 1953, Saturday 7:30-8:00 on DuMont


Ernest P. Duckweather..... Vaughn Taylor

His Boss..... Gilbert Mack


Carl Harms


This imaginative puppet show was produced by the company responsible for Howdy Doody, but it had a much shorter run. Its premise was a satirical view of our civilization as seen through the eyes of another planet's residents.

The initial setting was a TV studio, where E.P. Duckweather, an inquisitive janitor who liked to fiddle with the equipment, accidentally brought in Jupiter on one of the control-room consoles. He then talked with Johnny Jupiter and his friend B-12 (the puppets) and discovered that both Jupiterians were quite mystified about Earthling civilization based on what they had seen on Earth's TV shows. Later, the tables were turned and Duckweather became something of a personality on Jupiterian TV.