Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 20, 1983

Last Telecast: December 27, 1983

Broadcast History:

September 1983 December 1983, Tuesday 8:00-8:30 on ABC


Shabu..... T.K. Carter

Keith Barrow..... Richard Gilliland

Meagan Huxley..... Ellen Maxted

Nelson Marriott..... Rod McCary

Chuck..... Richard Schaal

Professor Bob..... Hamilton Camp

Jim Dexter..... Leonard Simon


The genie-in-the-bottle story has seldom been done with as many twists as in this 1983 comedy.

First of all, the genie Shabu was a hip black man disgusted at having fallen into the hands of a wishy-washy young TV reporter. Shabu's previous assignments had been much more glamorous, serving the likes of Cleopatra, Napoleon, and King Arthur. His new master, Keith, was not so keen on the arrangement either, especially since the fun-loving Shabu was given to practical jokes and throwing spells around at all the wrong times. Keith was more interested in trying to save his job at KPOX-TV, where he had just been replaced as weatherman by Professor Bob. The officious program director, Meagan Huxley, thought Keith lacked charisma ("You just stick on the screen. Like old gum."), so Shabu gave him enough charisma for ten people. When Keith needed to throw a party to impress the station manager, Mr. Marriott, Shabu conjured up a night none of them would forget.

There were lots of surprises on this show, including cameos by such people as Roy Orbison, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Wink Martindale (doing a burlesque quiz show in which he couldn't seen to give away anything). Unfortunately, Shabu's magic didn't work against The A-Team, running opposite on NBC. Just his luck.