Show Type: Western

First Telecast: October 5, 1958

Last Telecast: October 2, 1962

Broadcast History:

October 1958 – April 1962, Sunday 8:30-9:00 on ABC

April 1962 – October 1962, Sunday 10:30-11:00 on ABC


Marshal Dan Troop..... John Russell

Deputy Johnny McKay..... Peter Brown

Dru Lemp (1958-1959)..... Bek Nelson

Lily Merrill (1959-1962)..... Peggy Castle

Jake (1961-1962)..... Dan Sheridan


The "lawman" in this straightforward Western was Marshal Dan Troop of Laramie, a granite-jawed, taciturn type. With his string tie and fatherly mustache, John Russell looked the part. There were no tricks or gimmicks in Lawman, just simple stories of desperadoes brought to justice by the long, stern arm of the law. Playing off Troop’s fatherly image was his young deputy, Johnny McKay. Lily Merrill arrived in town during the second season to open the Birdcage Saloon and help the righteous marshal unbend a bit.