Show Type: Quiz/Audience Participation

Broadcast History:

Syndication Only

30 Minutes

Produced from 1969; 1976-1978; 1988

Released: 1969; September 1976; September 1988



Rod Serling (1969)

Bill Armstrong (1976-1977)

Allen Ludden (1977-1978)

Eric Boardman (1988-1989)

Panelists (1976-1978)

Larry Hovis

Betty White

Dick Gautier

Fannie Flagg

Norm Crosby

Joey Bishop

Dody Goodman


Contestants on this game show were shown an unusual looking object, then each of a panel of four celebrities gave an outlandish but plausible explanation as to its use. The contestant then had to wager all or part of an initial $100 on which panelist was telling the truth.

Rod Serling hosted an early and rather obscure version of the show. It returned in 1976 with Bill Armstrong and then Allen Ludden as host. Larry Hovis was the regular panelist on the later show, joined frequently by Betty White, Dick Gautier, and others.

Another revival, titled The New Liar's Club, aired during the 1988-1989 season.