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Show Type: Sci-Fi

First Telecast: September 15, 1965

Last Telecast: September 11, 1968

Broadcast History:

September 1965 - September 1968, Wednesday 7:30-8:30 on CBS


Professor John Robinson..... Guy Williams

Maureen Robinson..... June Lockhart

Major Donald West..... Mark Goddard

Judy Robinson..... Marta Kristen

Will Robinson..... Billy Mumy

Penny Robinson..... Angela Cartwright

Dr. Zachary Smith..... Jonathan Harris

The Robot..... Bob May

The Robot's Voice..... Dick Tufeld


The spaceship Jupiter II was supposed to take the Robinson family Professor John, wife Maureen, and their three children on five-year voyage of exploration to a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system. It was, that is, until Dr. Zachary Smith sabotaged the control system so that it could not function properly. The control system was tied into the programming of the robot that went along as part of the exploration team, a friendly, logical, ambulatory machine that was strongly reminiscent of Robby the Robot in the movie Forbidden Planet.

Smith, apparently in the employ of some foreign government, found himself trapped aboard the ship when it took off, leaving him hopelessly "lost in space" with the Robinson's and the ship's pilot, Major Don West. An uneasy truce was made among all parties, for none of the scheduled passengers particularly trusted Dr. Smith, knowing what he had done.

For three seasons the Robinson's and their unwanted guest wandered from planet to planet, trying to find their way home. The stories were fanciful and rather childish, full of monsters and strange intelligent life-forms that were a constant threat, and an endless series of cliff-hanger endings designed to bring viewers back the following week.

Dr. Smith always tried to make a deal of some form of extraterrestrial intelligence to get him back without the others, but his plans never worked out. If he wasn't thwarted by the adults in the party, resourceful little Will Robinson, or the Robot, he managed to botch it up all by himself. He was a rather pompous, cowardly, and inept character.