MacGruder & Loud

Show Type: Police Drama

First Telecast: January 20, 1985

Last Telecast: September 3, 1985


Detective Malcolm MacGruder..... John Getz

Detective Jenny Loud MacGruder..... Kathryn Harrold

Sergeant Myhrum..... Frank McCarthy

Detective Sergeant Debbin..... Ted Ross

Naomi..... Gail Grate

Zacharias..... Charles Boswell

Sergeant Hanson..... Lee deBroux

Geller..... Rick Rossovich


MacGruder and Loud were uniformed police officers who shared a police car by day and a passionate love by night. They had secretly married despite department regulations and now had to hide that fact to stay on the force.

There were plenty of high-speed chases, shootouts and other dangerous assignments. The police brass never seemed to catch on to their little secret, though.

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