Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: September 29, 1985

Last Telecast: August 8, 1992


MacGyver..... Richard Dean Anderson

Peter Thornton..... Dana Elcar

Jack Dalton (1987-1992)..... Bruce McGill

Nikki Carpenter (1987-1988)..... Elyssa Davalos

Lisa..... Mayim Bialik

Murdoc..... Michael Des Barres

Sean "Sam" Malloy..... Dalton James


Actor Henry Winkler was co-producer of this series about a handsome, rugged hero who preferred to use paper clips and candy bars rather than more conventional weapons. MacGyver was a former Special Forces agent now working for the Phoenix Foundation, an organization dedicated to righting wrongs and fighting bad guys around the world. He often slipped past the enemy's defenses and undermined their wrong doings with ingenuity rather than brute force.

MacGyvers' trademark was using tidbits of scientific knowledge and ordinary items that happened to by laying around. For example, the paper clip might by used to short-circuit a nuclear missle; the candy bar used to stop an acid leak or a cold or flu capsule to ignite a makeshift bomb. His assignments came from Peter Thornton, the Director of Field Operations for the Foundation.

In later episodes, the show became very issue-oriented, taking on such subjects as Thornton's blindness, the environment and teenage runaways. Other cast members included: Lisa, his friend, who was around to educate him the teenage issues; seldom seen nemesis Murdoc; Nikki, MacGyver's brief romantic interest and Dalton, his ne'er do-well friend.

Like many TV heroes - Columbo, Quincy, etc..., MacGyver had no first name - that is until the last season. He was transported back to medieval times to find his ancestors. There, written in flame on a castle wall, was his name: Angus. In the final episode of MacGyver, Mac discovered Sean, the son he never knew he had, and the two got on their motorcycles and rode off into the sunset.

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