Show Type: Police Drama / Fantasy

First Telecast: September 30, 1983

Last Telecast: December 31, 1983


Jonathan Chase..... Simon MacCorkindale

Brooke McKenzie..... Melody Anderson

Ty Earle (Pilot Only)..... Glynn Turman

Ty Earle..... Michael D. Roberts

Captain Nick Rivera..... Reni Santoni


Jonathan Chase was a different kind of superhero - one with the ability to turn himself into animals! This skill was inherited from his late father in some faraway jungle. He could virtually transform into ANY animal, be it a kitten or a black panther!

To everyday society, he appeared as a wealthy, cultured young professor who taught "animal behavioural sciences" at New York University. To the police he was a trusted consultant on the use of animals in criminology. To the criminals, he was the sudden hiss of a cobra, a snarl in the night, or the cry of hawk.

The transformations were dramatic and at will. It started with his breathing growing heavy, his hands then began to show ripples and contractions, his nose grew into a snout and whiskers and fangs began to emerge. All of this was seen in intriguing, unconnected close-ups.

Only two people knew of Jonathan's secret powers. One of them was his assistant, Ty Earle, with whom he had served in Vietnam, and the other was police detective Brooke McKenzie. Brooke had stumbled onto his secret by accident and now worked with him on cases. She eventually became his love interest, although nothing serious ever came out of their relationship.

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