Show Type: Detective Drama

First Telecast: September 16, 1967

Last Telecast: August 27, 1975


Joe Mannix..... Mike Connors

Lou Wickersham (1967-1968)..... Joseph Campanella

Peggy Fair (1968-1975)..... Gail Fisher

Lieutenant Adam Tobias (1969-1975)..... Robert Reed


Mannix was one of the most violent detective shows of its time - and also one of the longest running. The original format had Joe Mannix, a Los Angeles-based private detective, employed by a sophisticated detective firm called Intertect. Despite the fact that the company was dedicated to using computers and other advanced scientific detection aids, Mannix seemed happiest when working with no implements other than his own intuition and fists.

At the start of the second season, he was out on his own taking a small office on the first floor of the building in which he lived. Helping him in his new role as an independent P.I. was his secretary and girl Friday, Peggy Fair, whose husband, a friend of Mannix's and a former police officer, had been killed in the line of duty. Lou Wickersham, Joe's old boss from Intertect, was also seen occasionally during the second season. Lt. Adam Tobias joined the cast as Joe's friend and contact on the police force at the start of the 1969-70 season.

The high point of every episode was a wild fight, and the body count in the first few minutes of the show seemed appalling back then! On their radio show, Bob and Ray ran a continuing parody on the series called Blimmix, in which the hero always had a polite conversation with some suspect, calmly agreed that violence was the only answer, and then proceeded to beat the suspect to a pulp!

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