Show Type: Sci-Fi

First Telecast: August 26, 1994

Last Telecast: March 3, 1995


Dr. Miles Hawkins..... Carl Lumbly

John Stonebrake..... Roger Rees

Taylor Savidge..... Christopher Russell Gartin

Lieutenant Leora Maxwell..... Galyn Gorg

Captain Ken Hetrick..... Gary Graham

Chief Grant..... Blu Mankuma


Miles Hawkins was an angry but brilliant black scientist and owner of Hawkins Technology, Inc. He had been left paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by a corrupt cop working for a sinister industrialist. With the aid of his close friend and associate John, he developed an exoskeleton-like suit that enabled him to walk. While wearing the M.A.N.T.I.S. (Mechanically Automated NeuroTransmitter Interactive System), he had superhuman strength and speed and also resembled a praying mantis.

Miles had a secret headquarters/lab located deep underneath his isolated home on the coast outside Port Columbia. It was from here that he launched the Chrysalis, a craft that looked like a car and could hover like a helicopter. John and Taylor, a bicycle delivery boy who had become Miles' legman, were the only two people who knew his true identity.

As the Mantis, he fought corruption and crime, using a weapon that fired special darts that left those hit by them in temporary paralytic shock. A task force was formed by the police because they considered him a vigilante. Beautiful Leora Maxwell was a member of the task force, but when she eventually found out that the Mantis was Miles, she decided to work with him rather than arrest him.

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