McHale's Navy

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: October 11, 1962

Last Telecast: August 30, 1966


Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale..... Ernest Borgnine

Captain Wallace B. Binghamton..... Joe Flynn

Ensign Charles Parker..... Tim Conway

Lester Gruber..... Carl Ballantine

George "Christy" Christopher..... Gary Vinson

Harrison "Tinker" Bell..... Billy Sands

Virgil Edwards..... Edson Stroll

Nurse Molly Turner (1962-1964)..... Jane Dulo

Joseph "Happy" Haines (1962-1964)..... Gavin MacLeod

Willy Moss (1964-1966)..... John Wright

Fuji Kobiaji..... Yoshio Yoda

Lieutenant Elroy Carpenter..... Bob Hastings

Colonel Douglas Harrigan (1965-1966)..... Henry Beckman

General Bronson (1965-1966)..... Simon Scott

Dino Baroni (1965-1966)..... Dick Wilson

Mayor Mario Lugatto (1965-1966)..... Jay Novello

Rosa Giovanni (1965-1966)..... Peggy Mondo


Lt. Commander Quinton McHale was the commander of a World War II P.T. boat with one of the most outrageous crews ever! The show was built on the same kind of humor as Phil Silvers' Sgt. Bilko - the conflict between the easygoing, regulation-ignoring, con-artist McHale and his long-suffering superior, Capt. Binghamton (affectionately referred to as "Old Lead Bottom"). The men loved McHale, Binghamton hated him, and the Navy put up with him because, in the South Seas where P.T. 73 was based as the island of Taratupa, he knew the territory "like the back of his hand."

At the start of McHale's Navys' last season, the entire crew, including Capt. Binghamton, was transferred to Italy where they helped maintain the occupation of the small town of Voltafiore against the possible takeover of German troops. On top of dealing with McHale and his crew, Binghamton now also had to deal with the town's conniving mayor, Mario Lugatto, who was almost as good a con-man as McHale was. Nothing changed but the environment and the gambling that had run rampant in the Pacific now included the local townsfolk as well as military personnel.

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