Medicine Ball

Show Type: Medical Drama

First Telecast: March 13, 1995

Last Telecast: June 12, 1995


Dr. Katie Cooper..... Jensen Daggett

Dr. Danny Macklin..... Donal Logue

Dr. Harley Spencer..... Harrison Pruett

Dr. Nia James..... Kai Soremekun

Dr. Max Chang..... Darryl Fong

Dr. Clate Baker..... Jeffrey D. Sams

Dr. Tom Powell..... Vincent Ventresca

Dr. Douglas McGill..... Sam McMurray

Patrick Yeats..... Timothy Omundson

Dr. Elizabeth Vasquez..... Terri Ivens


Bayview Medical Center in Seattle, WA was the fictional setting for this short-lived drama about the personal and professional lives of a group of first-year resident doctors at a teaching hospital. The work was hard, the hours long, the stress high and the frustrations were many as they learned that the real world of medicine was not as easy as it had seemed in med school.

The interns were:  Cooper, a talented surgeon who couldn't seem to get her home life under control; Macklin, a neurotic specialist in internal medicine who found it difficult to confront both patients or their loved ones with bad news; Spencer, who hated the protocol of hospital procedures; James, an outgoing psychiatrist and Chang, who had the best bedside manner and most cynical sense of humor of the group. Working with the younger doctors were:  Dr. Baker, a second-year resident and single father with a young son; Dr. Powell, Bayview's heartthrob surgeon with a big ego and Dr. McGill, the director of the residency program who offered sound advice and reprimanded when needed. Yeats, an advocate of homeopathic medicine, had a medical degree from Croft University but, because he hadn't been accepted into the residency program, was working as an orderly until he could convince McGill to find a spot for him.

In the 6th episode, first-year resident, Dr. Vasquez, died from injuries she sustained when she ahd fallen asleep at the wheel (while leaving Bayview Medical exhausted) and had a bad car accident.

Actress Marilu Henner was one of the executive producers of the show.

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