Me And Maxx

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 22, 1980

Last Telecast: September 12, 1980


Norman Davis..... Joe Santos

Maxx Davis..... Melissa Michaelsen

Barbara..... Jenny Sullivan

Mitch..... Jim Weston

Gary..... Denny Evans


Norman Davis had walked out on his wife and child years earlier to take up the life of a swinging bachelor. Now, his ex-wife had decided that she too was going to venture out. So, 11-year-old Maxx showed up at Norman's doorstep looking for a home.

Maxx was a precocious and sensitive little girl with an extensive vocabulary learned from watching soap operas. Although her attitude in the beginning toward her father was negative, with time and love, she tried to heal the old wounds between them. However, Norman was upset at the fact that he now had to re-adjust his life (and bachelor pad!) to accomodate a young daughter.

Other cast members included: Barbara, Norman's business partner as Broadway show ticket brokers - and sometimes girlfriend; Mitch, the swinging next-door neighbor and Gary, the elevator operator.

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