The Millionaire

Show Type: Anthology

First Telecast: January 19, 1955

Last Telecast: September 28, 1960


Michael Anthony..... Marvin Miller

John Beresford Tipton (Voice Only)..... Paul Frees


The answers to the age old question: "What would you do with a million dollars" intrigued and entertained audiences for more than five years in this drama/anthology series. 

Each week, multi-billionaire John Beresford Tipton - whose face was never seen on the screen - would instruct his personal secretary, Michael Anthony, to present an unsuspecting individual with a cashier's check for one million dollars, tax free. The reason was to see how this new-found wealth would change the person's life.

Michael Anthony was the only regular cast member and functioned more as a host than as a participant. The only stipulation that Mr. Anthony made when he presented the checks to their receivers was that they make no attempt to find out who their mysterious benefactor was or reveal where they got the money to anyone but their significant others. If they did, they money would be forfeited.

Viewers never found out who he was, either. Each show opened with Tipton seated in the study of his huge estate, Silverstone, playing with his chessmen. He would call Michael, deliver a few philosophical words of wisdom and hand over the name of the the latest recipient. Only the back of Tipton's head or his hand on the arm of the chair was ever seen on camera. The deep, strong voice of Mr. Tipton was that of Hollywood announcer, Paul Frees.

Reruns of The Millionaire were shown as part of the CBS daytime lineup from October 1959 to August 1963.