Misfits Of Science

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: October 4, 1985

Last Telecast: February 21, 1986


Dr. Billy Hayes..... Dean Paul Martin

Dr. Elvin "El" Lincoln..... Kevin Peter Hall

Johnny "Johnny B." Bukowski..... Mark Thomas Miller

Gloria Dinallo..... Courteney Cox

Jane Miller..... Jennifer Holmes

Dick Stetmeyer..... Max Wright

Miss Nance..... Diane Civita


Misfits Of Science was a teen-oriented adventure that set out to prove that outcasts could be TV heroes!

The "outcasts" in this case were all young adults with bizarre physical abilities who were being studied by Los Angeles' Humanidyne Institute. Not satisfied with becoming living laboratory experiments, they formed a team to fight crime and save the world!

Idealistic scientist Billy Hayes of the Institute was the leader and other "outcasts" included: El Lincoln, his 7-foot 4-inch co-worker who had the ability to shrink himself to just six inches in height by touching the back of his neck; reformed delinquent Gloria, whose telekinetic powers could levitate objects and Johnny B., a leather-jacketed musician who had connected with 20,000 volts on stage and now could zap enough energy from his fingertips to light a whole city!

Dick Stetmeyer was the Institute's director, who wished these nice young kids would spend more time on projects that he could present to his Board of Directors. Miss Nance was the office receptionist/secretary who was forever filing her nails and Jane Miller was Gloria's pregnant probation officer.

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