Mister Ed

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: October 1, 1961

Last Telecast: September 8, 1965


Voice of Mr. Ed..... Allan "Rocky" Lane

Wilbur Post..... Alan Young

Carol Post..... Connie Hines

Roger Addison (1961-1963)..... Larry Keating

Kay Addison (1961-1964)..... Edna Skinner

Gordon Kirkwood (1963-1965)..... Leon Ames

Winnie Kirkwood (1963-1965)..... Florence MacMichael


Mr. Ed belonged to Wilbur Post, a young architect who had decided to move out of the city to get a little closer to nature. The country home Wilbur and his wife Carol bought was everything they could have ever wanted, except for one thing - a Palomino horse that could talk! But, Mr. Ed didn't talk to everybody - in fact, he would only talk to Wilbur simply because he felt he was the only human being worth talking to.

The stories revolved around the situations Ed got Wilbur into - and sometimes out of. Roger Addison was the Posts' next-door neighbor, but actor Larry Keating passed away shortly after the start of the 1963-64 season. Actress Edna Skinner remained on as his wife, Kay, but was soon written out of the show. The Posts' got new neighbors in December 1963 in the form of the Kirkwoods.

Mister Ed actually premiered as a syndicated series in January 1961, with the same cast as the network version. It was one of the few series to begin in sydication and then be picked up by a network for its prime-time lineup.

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