The Mod Squad

Show Type: Police Drama

First Telecast: September 24, 1968

Last Telecast: August 23, 1973

Creator: Bud Ruskin


Pete Cochran..... Michael Cole

Linc Hayes..... Clarence Williams - III

Julie Barnes..... Peggy Lipton

Captain Adam Greer..... Tige Andrews


The Mod Squad's three hippie cops were actually drop-outs from "normal" society who each had their own brush with the law.

Pete was the longhaired one who had been kicked out by his wealthy Beverly Hills parents and stole a car. Linc was the son of a ghetto family of 13, who was raised in Watts and arrested in the Watts rioting. Julie was the daughter of a San Francisco prostitute who had run away from home and been arrested for vagrancy.

All three of them were on probation and looking for some way to make their lives a little better when they were approached by Capt. Adam Greer, who recruited them for a special "youth squad." Their mission was to infiltrate the counterculture and weed out the adult criminals who preyed upon the youths in Southern California.

Despite their culturally different backgrounds, The Mod Squad proved an effective undercover task force against adult crime. In the beginning of the series, they got around town in a run-down old 1950 station wagon named "Woody," which was eventually driven off of a cliff!

The Mod Squad was created from the true experiences of creator Bud Ruskin, a former police officer and later private detective. While a member of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in the 1950's, he was a part of an undercover narcotics squad made up of young officers which served as the inspiration for the series. He first wrote a pilot script for the show in 1960 - it took eight years before it reached the air!

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