The Monroes

Show Type: Western

First Telecast: September 7, 1966

Last Telecast: August 30, 1967


Clayt Monroe..... Michael Anderson, Jr.

Kathy Monroe..... Barbara Hershey

Jefferson "Big Twin" Monroe..... Keith Schultz

Fennimore "Little Twin" Monroe..... Kevin Schultz

Amy Monroe..... Tammy Locke

Major Mapoy..... Liam Sullivan

Dirty Jim..... Ron Soble

Sleeve..... Ben Johnson

Ruel Jaxon..... Jim Westmoreland

Barney Wales..... Robert Middleton

John "Brad" Bradford..... Buck Taylor


Filmed on location in the rugged Grand Teton National Park area of Wyoming, The Monroes revolved around 5 orphaned children aged 6 to 18, who fought to establish a homestead in the rugged Wyoming Territory of 1876 after their parents had drowned.

The bunch was made up of:  Clayt - age 18, and Kathy - age 16, who looked after 13-year-old twins Jeff and Fenn, 6-year-old Amy and a dog name Snow.

Helping them was the renegade Indian Dirty Jim, and their enemy was British cattle baron Major Mapoy who wanted their land. Jaxon was one of Mapoy's cowboys.

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