Show Type: Detective Comedy/Drama

First Telecast: March 3, 1985

Last Telecast: May 14, 1989


Maddie Hayes..... Cybill Shepherd

David Addison..... Bruce Willis

Agnes Dipesto..... Allyce Beasley

Herbert Viola (1986-1989)..... Curtis Armstrong

Virginia Hayes (1987-1988)..... Eva Marie Saint

Alex Hayes (1987-1988)..... Robert Webber

MacGilicuddy (1988-1989)..... Jack Blessing

Sam Crawford (1987)..... Mark Harmon

Walter Bishop (1988)..... Dennis Dugan

David Addison, Sr...... Paul Sorvino

Richard Addison..... Charles Rocket


Maddie Hayes was an extremely glamorous top fashion model who had fallen on hard times when her manager had swindled her out of her amassed fortune. Along with a few remaining funds, she found she owned the Blue Moon Detective Agency in Los Angeles (an unsuccessful business venture which she was about to dump) as well. But, it's major employee, David Addison, conned her out of doing so and convinced her to get involved in the business. The two of them became the city's most unlikely detective team.

Secretly (and not so secretly - with wolf whistles and '60s "girl-watching songs!) David lusted after Maddie but she resisted. Their uncommon courtship became a main attraction and, by the end of the 1985-86 season, he finally won a kiss in a parking garage. Their relationship was finally consumated at the end of the following season. Their rocky relationship survived breakups and temptations (yuppie Sam Crawford wooed Maddie in early 1987). They both got counseling, she from Dr. Joyce Brothers and he from Ray Charles. And, in 1988, she became pregnant with David's baby, although she married (temporarily) a nerd she met on a train named Walter Bishop. The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

Moonlighting's constant production problems were widely publicized, especially the three-way battle between Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis and creator/executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron (who was forced off the show in the final season). Production delays often resulted in several repeat episodes, although when they arrived, they were often inventive - i.e. the November 1986 take-off on Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew - which was shown as a dream sequence - with David as Petruchio and Maddie as Kate. Many episodes began with the stars doing a little out-of-character skit or commenting on the show itself, and even turning to the camera and talking directly to the viewing audience.

David's dad, David Sr., and his irresponsible brother, Richard, were seen from time-to-time, as were Maddie's parents, Virginia and Alex. Agnes with the kooky, rhyming receptionist and Herbert the eager clerk/junior detective and the object of Agnes' affection.

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