Mr. Merlin

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: October 7, 1981

Last Telecast: August 18, 1982


Max Merlin..... Barnard Hughes

Zachary Rogers..... Clark Brandon

Leo Samuels..... Jonathan Prince

Alexandra..... Elaine Joyce


The setting was an old mechanics garage in a run-down section of San Francisco. And the plot? Would you have believed that crusty old Max Merlin in his greasy old overalls was the same ageless sorcerer renowned in the days of King Arthur's Court? Neither did anyone else...

15-year-old Zachary Rogers didn't take Max seriously when the old man offered him the opportunity to become an apprentice sorcerer. But when he found out that this was no joke, Zac thought that learning magic would solve all of life's little problems - money, girls, grades in school, etc...

Max believed that Zac could become a very good sorcerer and spent an entire season trying to train him. But Zac had got himself (and others!) into all kinds of trouble - partially cast spells that got out of control, casting the wrong spells, abusing the use of potions, almost revealing his new found magical powers to "normal" people, etc...

Leo was Zac's best friend who often got caught up in the disasters caused by his pal's imperfect magic and Alexandra was the beautiful liaison between Max and Zac and the powerful sorcerers that he was responsible for.

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