Mulligan's Stew

Show Type: Sitcom/Drama

First Telecast: October 25, 1977

Last Telecast: December 13, 1977

Broadcast History:

October 1977-December 1977, Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 on NBC


Michael Mulligan..... Lawrence Pressman

Jane Mulligan..... Elinor Donahue

Mark Mulligan..... Johnny Doran

Melinda Mulligan..... Julie Anne Haddock

Jimmy Mulligan..... K.C. Martel

Adam Freedman..... Chris Ciampa

Stevie Freedman..... Suzanne Crough

Kimmy Freedman..... Sunshine Lee

Polly Freedman..... Lory Kochheim

Polo Polocheck..... Jaime Alba


Set in the fictitious Southern California suburban community of Birchfield, Mulligan's Stew was the story of Michael and Jane Mulligan and their extended family.

The Mulligan's had three children of their own, and were managing reasonably well, when Michael's sister and her husband were killed, leaving them with four more children, including a recently adopted five-year-old Vietnamese orphan named Kimmy.

The Mulligan home, barely comfortable with its original family of five, was severely overcrowded with nine! The Mulligan children and the Freedman children had been raised with different lifestyles and had considerable problems adjusting to each other. Michael's income as a high school teacher/football coach was enough to get by on, but with nine mouths to feed, very little was left for luxuries.

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