My Favorite Martian

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 29, 1963

Last Telecast: September 4, 1966


Uncle Martin (The Martian)..... Ray Walston

Tim O'Hara..... Bill Bixby

Mrs. Lorelei Brown..... Pamela Britton

Angela Brown (1963-1964)..... Ann Marshall

Mr. Harry Burns (1963-1964)..... J. Pat O'Malley

Detective Bill Brennan (1964-1966)..... Alan Hewitt

The Police Chief (1965-1964)..... Roy Engle


On the way to cover an assignment for his paper, The Los Angeles Sun, reporter Tim O'Hara stumbled upon a Martian whose ship had crashed on Earth. Tim took the stunned Martian back to his house to help him recover, while thinking of the unbelievable story he would be able to write and present to his boss, Mr. Burns. The Martian looked human, spoke English and refused to admit to anyone but Tim what he was. Tim befriended him and passed him off as his uncle.

Uncle Martin had little retractable antennae, could make himself invisible, was telepathic, could move objects by pointing at them and had advanced technological knowledge. While he was trying to fix his ship, he stayed with Tim in Mrs. Brown's rooming house.

During the first season, Mrs. Brown's teenage daughter Angela was a regular. The following year, policeman Bill Brennan joined the cast as Mrs. Brown's boyfriend. Bill was a constant threat to Uncle Martin. Not only was he a potential discoverer of the Martian's true identity, but Uncle Martin had become romantically interested in Mrs. Brown and therefore looked upon Brennan as a rival for her affections.

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