My Little Margie

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: June 16, 1952

Last Telecast: August 24, 1955


Margie Albright..... Gale Storm

Vernon Albright..... Charles Farrell

Roberta Townsend..... Hillary Brooke

Freddie Wilson..... Don Hayden

Mr. George Honeywell..... Clarence Kolb

Mrs. Odetts..... Gertrude W. Hoffman

Charlie..... Willie Best


Vern Albright was a very eligible widower whose 21-year-old daughter was determined to save him from the evil ways of women.

An executive with the investment-counseling firm of Honeywell and Todd, Vernon was trimly athletic at age 50, and was most often romantically involved with Roberta Townsend.

Margie, who shared her father's Fifth Avenue apartment, was always scheming with old Mrs. Odetts, the next-door neighbor, to make Vern more sedate as well as to release the parental control he vainly tried to maintain over her.

Other cast members included: Freddie, Margie's boyfriend and Charlie, the combination handyman and elevator operator in the apartment building.

In an unusual move, My Little Margie went from TV to radio in December 1952, airing on the CBS radio network for the rest of its TV run. Gale Storm and Charlie Farrell also played the leads in the radio version as well.

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