My Living Doll

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 27, 1964

Last Telecast: September 8, 1965


Dr. Robert McDonald..... Robert Cummings

Rhoda Miller..... Julie Newmar

Peter Robinson..... Jack Mullaney

Irene Adams..... Doris Dowling


This comedy introduced the ultimate in male fantasy - a sexy female robot programmed to do anything she was told - absolutely anything! AF 709 was the secret project number that designated this ultimate achievement in space-age technology - a robot that could think on its own and function like a woman. Statuesque Julie Newmar played the robot.

AF 709 wandered into the office of base psychiatrist Robert McDonald one day and had a pleasant chat with him. Only later did he find out that she was a robot designed by Dr. Carl Miller. When Dr. Miller was called away on assignment in Pakistan, he left the robot in Dr. McDonald's care who promptly named her Rhoda and passed her off as Dr. Miller's niece. She moved into his home, where Bob took on the task of training her to be the "perfect" woman - one that only talked when spoken to and did what was asked of her. To make things worse, Bob's neighbor Peter fell in love with Rhoda and had to be fended off or he would certainly find out her little "secret!"

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