My Mother The Car

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 14, 1965

Last Telecast: September 6, 1966


Dave Crabtree..... Jerry Van Dyke

His Mother's Voice..... Ann Sothern

Barbara Crabtree..... Maggie Pierce

Cindy Crabtree..... Cindy Eilbacher

Randy Crabtree..... Randy Whipple

Captain Mancini..... Avery Schreiber


In one of her more unusual roles, Ann Sothern played a talking car in this 1965 situation comedy.

Dave Crabtree was a small-town lawyer of modest means with a wife, Barbara, two children, Cindy and Randy, and a small dog. On a visit to a used-car lot in search of an inexpensive second-hand car, he found himself strangely attracted to a very old, 1928 Porter. When he got behind the wheel, the car talked to him - it informed him that it was the reincarnation of his mother. Against the advice of family and friends, he bought the car because he didn't want to lose his "Mother" again.

Dave was the only one to whom the car would talk to, or, for that matter, who could really hear what it was saying. The villain in the series was Capt. Mancini, an antique car collector who was constantly trying to find a way to get the Porter away from Dave.

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