My Sister Eileen

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: October 5, 1960

Last Telecast: April 12, 1961


Ruth Sherwood..... Elaine Stritch

Eileen Sherwood..... Shirley Bonne

Mr. Appopoplous..... Leon Belasco

Chick Adams..... Jack Weston

Bertha..... Rose Marie

Mr. Beaumont..... Raymond Bailey

Marty Scott..... Stubby Kaye


Mr. Sister Eileen was based on the book by Ruth McKinley and two movies (1942 and 1955) derived from it.

Ruth and Eileen Sherwood moved to New York from Ohio in order to go further in their respective careers - Ruth was a writer and Eileen, her younger sister, an aspiring actress. They moved into a Manhattan brownstone, found an agent named Chuck Adams to help them get work and tried to adjust to life in the big city.

Ruth was more ambitious, more sensible and much more serious than her beautiful younger sister. She got a job working for Mr. Beaumont, a publisher, and became good friends with co-worker Bertha. Eileen was a sucker for every con man and would-be boyfriend who happened to come along! Her life was full of all kinds of offers but no "real" jobs and Ruth spent much of the time trying to keep a watchful eye over her kid sister.

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