My Two Dads

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 20, 1987

Last Telecast: June 16, 1990

Theme Music: Composed and sung by Greg Evigan


Michael Taylor..... Paul Reiser

Joey Harris..... Greg Evigan

Nicole Bradford..... Staci Keanan

Judge Margaret Wilbur..... Florence Stanley

Ed Klawicki (1987-1989)..... Dick Butkus

Cory Kupkus..... Vonni Ribisi

Zach Nichols (1989-1990)..... Chad Allen

Shelby Haskell (1989-1990)..... Amy Hathaway

Julian (1989-1990)..... Don Yesso


This sitcom focused on two young single men sharing a daughter. Michael was an uptight, yuppie financial advisor and Joey, a free-spirited artist. The two men had competed for the love of the same woman 13 years before, but had broken up with - and remained enemies - with her. Now, after years with no contact, they learned that their mutual ex-girlfriend had died and left them joint custody of her perky 12-year-old daughter, Nicole. One of them was indeed the father, but nobody knew who it was. Putting their life-style differences aside, they moved into Joey's artists' apartment and attempted to raise a child.

Keeping a watchful eye on everyone was Judge Wilbur, the sarcastic judge who had awarded them custody in the first place and who also happened to own the building in which they lived. Awkward Cory and handsome Zack were Nicole's boyfriends. Shelby was her worldly best friend and Klawicki ran the local diner.

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