NBC Magazine With David Brinkley

  • Show Type: News Magazine
  • First Telecast: September 26, 1980
  • Last Telecast: July 31, 1982

  • Regulars

  • David Brinkley (1980-1981)
  • Jack Perkins
  • Garrick Utley
  • Douglas Kiker
  • Betsy Aaron


    This was NBC's third attempt to attract the kind of audience viewed by CBS's 60 Minutes. David Brinkley was chosen to anchor this series because many people felt he had originated the news-magazine format with the critically acclaimed David Brinkley's Journal in 1961.

    Unlike 60 Minutes, NBC Magazine aired stories that varied in length - some running only a few minutes and others up to half an hour. The stories ranged from light-hearted tales profiling ballet star Rudolf Nureyev and veteran actor James Cagney to hard-new pieces about defective Titan missles. David Brinkley provided commentary on all of the topics covered as well as other items in the week's news. He also engaged in brief round-table discussions with some of the regular field reporters - Jack Perkins, Douglas Kiker, Garrick Utley and Betsy Aaron - following individual stories.

    Not given exactly the greatest time slot - opposite CBS's red-hot tv show Dallas - Brinkley made the most of it on opening night by remarking "This is a new television program for those of us who don't give a damn who shot J.R.!"

    Brinkley's final appearance on the show was on September 18, 1981, prior to his leaving NBC after many years for rival ABC. The following week, the series' title was shortened to NBC Magazine, with the remaining anchors supplying their own commentary.

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