Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 21, 1995

Last Telecast: Still being aired


Dave Nelson..... Dave Foley

Lisa Miller..... Maura Tierney

Bill McNeal (1995-1998)..... Phil Hartman

Catherine Duke..... Khandi Alexander

Matthew..... Andy Dick

Joe..... Joe Rogan

Beth..... Vicki Lewis

Jimmy James..... Stephen Root

Max Lewis (1998 - present)..... Jon Lovitz


All-news radio station WNYX in New York is the setting for this fast-paced situation comedy.

Dave Nelson had just been brought in from Wisconsin as the latest in a string of news directors by overbearing station owner Jimmy James. Confused and somewhat inept, Dave was determined to make the most of his big break.

Members of the radio station included: Bill and Catherine, the self-centered, mostly supportive on-air anchors; Maththew, the hypersensitive reporter; Joe, the "I've got a deal for you" maintenance man and Beth, the gumcracking, savvy secretary.

Causing more problems for Dave was newswriter Lisa, who was talented and smart - and knew it. She thought she should have gotten the news director's job instead of Dave. Despite their rocky relationship, her and Dave found themselves attracted to one another.

Since the tragic murder of cast member Phil Hartman, NewsRadio adopted Jon Lovitz, also a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, in the role of Max Lewis.

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