Night Stand With Dick Dietrick

Show Type: Comedy

Syndication only

Produced: 1995-1997 (48 episodes)

Released: September 1995


Dick Dietrick..... Timothy Stack

Mueller..... Robert Alan Beuth


This weekly spoof of daytime talk shows featured mousy, pompous host Dick Dietrick, his producer Mueller - a former L.A. cop, and Dick's guests and studio audience.

Topics revolved around sexaholics, teenage hardbody prostitutes, reuniting lovers whose only encounter had been a one night stand and "Fatsos: Meet Them, Know Them and Chew the Fat with Them."

In addition to the actors playing parts, a host of celebrities appeared on the show as well. Among them were Phil Hartman, Morgan Fairchild, Rosie O'Donnell, Rodney Dangerfield, Harry Anderson and Garry Marshall. Talk show host Jerry Springer popped up on three episodes: "Are Talk Shows Out of Control?", "Getting Even", and "Supernatural Sex".

As on most of the daytime talk shows Night Stand spoofed, there were several doctors who made return visits evaluating guests and offering advice. The most popular of these were psychologist Lonnie Lanier (Tim Silva), plastic surgeon Hamilton George (Andrew Prine), Doctor of Lesbian Studies Susan Sonspeen (Jordana Capra) and sex education specialist Edward Burns (John Paragon). There was also many recurring characters, including the lady in the audience with glasses and frumpy dresses (Lynne Marie Stewart), angry black filmmaker Tupac Zemeckis (Steve White), New Age priest Father Chip (Hal Sparks), rapper M.C. Carjack (Dwayne Barnes), Bob the nymphomaniac (Christopher Darga) and Astounding Andy, debunker of the supernatural (Steve Valentine).

Each episode of Night Stand consisted of two self-contained 1/2-hour shows. During its second season, the E! Cable Network aired reruns as a 1/2 hour series on Monday through Thursday nights - right between Talk Soup and The Howard Stern Show!

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