Show Type: Medical Drama

First Telecast: April 2, 1981

Last Telecast: May 21, 1982


Nurse Mary Benjamin..... Michael Learned

Dr. Adam Rose..... Robert Reed

Nurse Toni Gilette..... Hattie Winston

Nurse Penny Brooks..... Bonnie Hellman

Nurse Betty LaSada..... Hortensia Colorado

Nurse Bailey (1981)..... Clarice Taylor

Chip Benjamin (1981)..... Christopher Marcantel

Joe Calvo..... Dennis Boutsikaris

Dr. Greg Manning..... Rex Robbins


    Fictional  Grant Memorial Hospital in New York City was the setting for this medical drama.

    As a supervising floor nurse, Mary was responsible for a considerable staff of nurses and orderlies. But the stories on Nurse often dealt with Mary's personal life, as she adjusted to life alone, as well as with medical crises at the GMH.

    A motherly type, she offered wise counsel to those around her in dealing with their problems, while she herself turned to good friend, Dr. Adam Rose, a staff physician at the hospital, for help in making difficult adjustments. Mary's strong-willed and independent, college student son, Chip, was alternately a comfort and a trial to her.

    In the fall of 1981, Mary got a new neighbor, young lawyer Joe Calvo. He moved into the apartment next door and the two became an item. While Mary dealt with the daily problems at the hospital, Joe got involved in assorted causes, trying to help the poor and disenfranchised.

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