Off The Rack

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 15, 1985

Last Telecast: September 6, 1985


Sam Waltman..... Edward Asner

Kate Halloran..... Eileen Brennan

Shannon Halloran (age 16)..... Claudia Wells

Timothy Halloran (age 7)..... Corey Yothers

Brenda Patagorski..... Pamela Brull

Cletus Maxwell..... Dennis Haysbert

Skip Wagner..... Sandy Simpson


The set for this comedy was a struggling, small-time Los Angeles garment factory.

Sam, the crotchety co-owner, thought he would have to run the place alone when his long-time parnter Dan died. But, it got worse - Dan's strong-willed widow Kate. Her husband had left her no money so she was determined to work at the factory, despite Sam's male chauvinistic objections. Timothy and Shannon were Kate's children to whom Sam became a sort of grouchy surrogate father.

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