The Office

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 11, 1995

Last Telecast: April 15, 1995


Rita Stone..... Valerie Harper

Frank Gerard..... Dakin Matthews

Beth Avery..... Debra Jo Rupp

Natalie Stanton..... Lisa Darr

Deborah Beaumont..... Kristin Dattilo-Hayward

Steve Gilman..... Kevin Conroy

Mae D'arcy..... Andrea Abbate

Bobby Harold..... Gary Dourdan


The setting for this short-lived series about secretaries and their bosses, was the executive offices of Package, Inc., a package design company in Chicago.

Rita, the veteran, a divorcee who had been with the firm for 19 years, was the backbone of the company - making sure that everything was done on time, mediating arguments and trying to be a good listener to job-related and personal problems. Her inept boss, Frank, the senior manager, was so dependent on her that he felt threatened by anything that might cause change.

Other cast members included: Natalie, the firm's only female executive, more than capable of dealing with the guys on their own terms; Beth, Natalie's secretary - and a mother of four - barely able to keep up with the demands of work and family; Steve, no sense of humor top salesman, who was not above stretching the truth to close a deal; Deborah, Steve's secretary, a naive M.B.A. student who took everything literally; Bobby, the talented but temperamental graphic artist, who had brought the firm a lot of business but often had to be kept out of earshot of clients and Mae, Bobby's free-spirited secretary, a 3-time loser at marriage whose last job had been with Club Med.

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