Oh Madeline

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 27, 1983

Last Telecast: May 15, 1984


Madeline Wayne..... Madeline Kahn

Charlie Wayne..... James Sloyan

Robert Leone..... Louis Giambalvo

Doris Leone..... Jesse Welles

Annie McIntyre..... Francine Tacker


After 10 years of marriage, Madeline was bored. Not with husband Charlie, a sweet but square guy who made his living writing steamy romance novels under the name Crystal Love. Not with her best friend Doris, a timid divorcee formerly married to Charlie's best friend, a middle-aged swinger named Bob.

She was bored with her predictable, sedate existence in a middle-class suburb. Wanting to put some zest back in into her life, Madeline decided to try every trendy diversion that she could find - health foods made of seaweed, exercise clubs or even "ladies only" clubs featuring male strippers! Annie was Charlie's amorous editor, who seemed to want more than just his manuscripts!

There was plenty of slapstick comedy in this show, along with marital-misunderstandings in the tradition of I Love Lucy. The series was based on the British Television series, Pig in the Middle.

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