Open All Night

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: November 28, 1981

Last Telecast: March 5, 1982


Gordon Feester..... George Dzundza

Gretchen Feester..... Susan Tyrrell

Terry Feester..... Sam Whipple

Robin..... Bubba Smith

Officer Steve..... Jay Tarses

Officer Edie..... Bever-Leigh Banfield


An all-night grocery store was the setting for this goofy comedy series. Gordon Feester was the pudgy owner - a semi-failure at everything else he'd previously done and working on a repeat managing the local "364 Store".

Gordon's wife Gretchen helped out which is more than his scatterbrained, teenage son Terry did. Just the thought of work made Terry a nervous wreck! Robin was the towering night manager and Officers Steve and Edie (yes - you read that right!) were the local cops who were better at helping themselves to coffee and doughnuts than at catching crooks! Passing through was a parade of bumbling scam artists, holdup men, hostile midgets and other assorted crazies.

The co-producer of this show, Jay Tarses, also produced and wrote episodes, co-authored the lyrics to the theme and appeared on-screen as Officer Steve. His creator partner, Tom Patchett, produced, wrote and directed the series.

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