The Rat Patrol

Show Type: War Drama

First Telecast: September 12, 1966

Last Telecast: September 16, 1968


Sergeant Sam Troy..... Chris George

Sergeant Jack Moffitt..... Gary Raymond

Private Mark Hitchcock..... Lawrence Casey

Private Tully Pettigrew..... Justin Tarr

Captain Hauptman Hans Dietrich..... Hans Gudegast


"Leapin' Jeeps!" - The Rat Patrol was a wartime action-adventure series with a touch of humor. The Rat Patrollers were four young commandos, three Americans and one Englishman, fighting General Rommel's elite Afrika Korps in North African desert early in World War II.

Sam Troy was the head rat; Jack Moffitt his very British demolitions expert; Mark Hitchcock the young private trying to live down a "sissy" reputation and Tully Pettigrew the charming con man of the group. They traveled over the burning sands in two machine-gun-mounted jeeps, working as an independent team. Capt. Dietrich, C.O. of a German armored unit, was their usual enemy, although sometimes the two sides had to join forces to fight off the Arabs.

The Rat Patrol was partly filmed on the deserts of Spain, where a great deal of war material left over from the filming of the movies Battle of the Bulge and The Great Escape were used for backdrops.

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