Show Type: Drama

First Telecast: June 24, 1992

Last Telecast: April 23, 1993


Jonathan Raven..... Jeffrey Meek

Herman "Ski" Jablonski..... Lee Majors

The Big Kahuna..... Andy Bumatai


Raven was a martial arts master who had infiltrated the Black Dragons, a dreaded group of Japanese terrorists/assassins. He became the only Westerner ever accepted into their secret organization. His purpose for joining them was to avenge the murder of his parents. After he succeeded, the Dragons were determined to find and kill both him and his lost son.

Based in Honolulu and with the help of his best friend Ski, a grizzled, overweight private detective he had served with in the Green Berets, they traveled the world in search of Raven's son. In their attempts to find the lost boy, they often foiled repeated attempts by the Dragons to assassinate them.

Raven and Ski also helped other people on their long journey and occasionally took on paying clients in a hail of gunfire, explosions and martial arts battles.

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