Salvage I

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: January 20, 1979

Last Telecast: November 11, 1979


Harry Broderick..... Andy Griffith

Skip Carmichael..... Joel Higgins

Melanie Slozar..... Trish Stewart

Mack..... J. Jay Saunders

Klinger..... Richard Jaeckel

Hank Beddoes..... Lee De Broux


Harry Broderick' s Jettison Scrap and Salvage Company, located in Southern California, specialized in retrieving such items as: old B-52's from the jungle, diamonds from active volcanoes, oil from dried-out oil wells and even icebergs from the polar cap which could be "steered" to drought stricken islands!

His most spectacular mission took place in outer-space. He used a Vulture rocket to round-up an abandoned, gold-encased satellite and recovered some scientific "junk" on the moon!

Harry's crew consisted of Melanie and Skip, a former member of the NASA space team. Klinger was his friend from the FBI.

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