• Show Type: Sitcom
  • First Telecast: January 23, 1985
  • Last Telecast: June 15, 1988

  • Cast

  • Sara McKenna..... Geena Davis
  • Rozalyn Dupree..... Alfre Woodard
  • Marty Lang..... Bill Maher
  • Dennis Kemper..... Bronson Pinchot
  • Stuart Webber..... Mark Hudson
  • Jesse Webber..... Matthew Lawrence
  • Helen Newcomb..... Ronnie Claire Edwards


    Sara was the story of a professional and personal life of a young, attractive single woman in San Francisco. Sara was a lawyer who shared a storefront office with three other attorneys. They were: Rozalyn, who was her best friend and full of advice on how Sara should run her social life; sleazy Marty, whose ambition got in they way of his principles and Dennis, who was gay and whose honesty and integrity often put him at odds with Marty. Helen was the office secretary and surrogate mother to them all. Stuart, who live in Sara's apartment building, was a recently divorced single parent trying to get back into the single world while raising his 4-year-old son, Jesse.

    NBC aired reruns of Sara briefly in 1988.

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