Scarecrow And Mrs. King

Show Type: Adventure / Espionage

First Telecast: October 3, 1983

Last Telecast: September 10, 1987


Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson..... Bruce Boxleitner

Amanda King..... Kate Jackson

Dotty West..... Beverly Garland

Billy Melrose..... Mel Stewart

Francine Desmond..... Martha Smith

Philip King..... Paul Stout

Jamie King..... Greg Morton

T.P. Aquinas (1986-1987)..... Raleigh Bond

Dr. Smyth (1986-1987)..... Myron Natwick


Amanda King was just another bored divorcee and mother - until a mysterious, handsome man shoved a package into her hands at a train station then disappeared. As it turned out, he was "Scarecrow," an agent for a secret government organization called "The Agency". He needed her help hiding from Russian spies. She turned out to be so good that he convinced her to become his partner - much to the chagrin of his boss, Billy Melrose, and the confusion of her family who never quite understood what was happening.

For Amanda, chasing foreign spies was more entertaining than P.T.A. meetings or tasks around the house in her Washington D.C. suburban home! She warmed to the challenge of her double life as wee as to the Scarecrow. Their relationship had just a hint of a mutual attraction, which stirred curiosity in Amanda's mother, Dotty.

In order to fool her friends, she got a part-time job at the International Federal Film Company - which happened to be a "cover" for "The Agency" office of which Scarecrow worked out of. She ultimately went through the training program and officially became Scarecrow's partner.

Other cast member included: Francine, the wisecracking operative of "The Agency" and Philip and Jamie, Amanda's two younger sons. In 1986, Scarecrow's favorite source of information, T.P. Aquinas, became a regular and the head of "The Agency," Dr. Smyth, also made several appearances.

The romantic tension between Amanda and Scarecrow finally reached it's boiling point, and in February 1987, they were married. But of course, no one could be told about the happy union in order to protect Amanda's family from the many enemies of the underground world!

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