Science Fiction Theatre

Show Type: Sci-Fi Anthology

Syndication only

Produced: 1955-1958 (78 episodes)

Released: April 1955

Producer: Ivan Tors


Truman Bradley


This semi-documentary anthology series explored the "what ifs" of modern science. Real-life scientific experts served as advisors to the show to insure authenticity.

Each drama was based on scientific fact, dealing with such subjects as UFO's, mental telepathy, psycho kinesis, robots, man's first flight into outer space, and the possibility of thawing out frozen prehistoric animals.

Actors included such Hollywood standbys as Howard Duff, Gene Barry, Basil Rathbone, and William Lundigan. The narrator was news commentator Truman Bradley.

The series was one of the first produced by Ivan Tors, a man with a healthy regard for science and nature. He later went on to create such hits as: Sea Hunt, Daktari, Flipper and Gentle Ben.

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