seaQuest DSV

Show Type: Sci-Fi

First Telecast: September 12, 1993

Last Telecast: December 27, 1995

Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, David J. Burke & Patrick Hasburgh


Captain Nathan Hale Bridger..... Roy Scheider

Commander Jonathan Ford..... Don Franklin

Dr. Kristin Westphalen (1993-1994)..... Stephanie Beacham

Lieutenant Commander Katherine Hitchcock (1993-1994)..... Stacy Haiduk

Lucas Wolenczak (age 16)..... Jonathan Brandis

Lieutenant Tim (j.g.) O'Neill..... Ted Raimi

Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz..... Marco Sanchez

Chief Manilow Crocker (1993-1994)..... Royce D. Applegate

Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg (1993-1994)..... John D'Aquino

Lieutenant James Brody (1994-1995)..... Edward Kerr

Dr. Wendy Smith (1994-1995)..... Rosalind Allen

Tony Piccolo (1994-1995)..... Michael DeLuise

Dagwood (1994-1995)..... Peter DeLuise

Helmswoman Lonnie Henderson (1994-1995)..... Kathy Evison

Captain Oliver Hudson (1995)..... Michael Ironside

Lietenant J.J. Fredericks (1995)..... Elise Neal


seaQuest DSV was the classic series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea brought up to date with all the technical wizardry of the 1990's!

The time was 25 years in the future and man had begun to populate the oceans with undersea colonies and mines. A fragile peace was maintained by the United Earth / Oceans Organization, whose major force was the highly developed, 1000-foot seaQuest Deep Submergence Vehicle. Captained by Nathan Bridger, who had also designed it, it served as both security and for scientific purposes. The crew was divided between scientists and Naval personnel, who were often fighting against each other. Nathan's second in command was Commander Ford.

Other cast members included: the no-nonsense chief engineer Katherine Hitchcock; communications specialist Tim O'Neill; sonarman Miguel Ortiz; crusty chief Manilow Crocker and conniving "appropriations expert" Benjamin Krieg. Heading up the scientific part of the vehicle was determined pacifist Dr. Kristin Westphalen. The resident technological genius was 16-year-old Lucas, who was discovering his manhood and the the next frontier at the same time! His best friend was Ensign Darwin, a talking dolphin with a tank inside the DSV.

Great special effects were in abundance, such as the holographic "advisor" in Nathan's quarters. However, it wasn't good enough... Producers blew up the seaQuest at the end of the first season in an oceanic catastrophe and replaced it with a redesigned vehicle. Many new cast member were added, including ESP-gifted Dr. Smith and genetically reengineered "gentle giant" Dagwood, the janitor.

In the May, 1995 season finale, the entire ship was transported to another planet and apparently destroyed, but in September, it mysteriously reappeared on Earth - 10 years later! It still had its crew inttact and had no memory of what happened. The series was renamed seaQuest 2032. Captain Bridger retired to an island research post and Captain Hudson took over his duties.

The series was cancelled at the end of 1995. A few leftover episodes aired as filler, seen only on the West Coast during 1996.

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