The Second Hundred Years

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 6, 1967

Last Telecast: September 19, 1968


Luke Carpenter / Ken Carpenter..... Monte Markham

Edwin Carpenter..... Arthur O'Connell

Colonel Garroway..... Frank Maxwell

Marcia Garroway..... Karen Black

Nurse Lucille Anderson..... Bridget Hanley


In the year 1900, Luke Carpenter - then 33, bid farewell to his wife and his baby son Edwin and set out to prospect for gold in Alaska. He was lost in an avalanche. 67 years later, he was thawed out by some freak of nature - revived and brought to the home of his now aging son in Woodland Oaks, California.

Chronologically, Luke was 101, but he hadn't aged a bit while in the deep freeze and was still a dapper-looking 33-year-old - younger than his own son!

He was younger in spirit than his 33-year-old grandson Ken, who was his exact look-alike (played in a dual role by Monte Markham). Ken was a stuffy conservative, while Luke was full of fun and life and a rugged individualist.

The show revolved around the contrast between the two and on Luke's problems adapting to the modern world. His origin was kept a military secret and Col. Garroway, an army doctor, was assigned to look after him.

The first thing Luke had seen upon waking up in Edwin's home was a 1967 TV set with what appeared to be little people aiming guns at him. Coming from a more docile time, he always applied his simple, individualistic ways to the problems of the 20th Century with much success. However, he could never get used to a modern job!

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