The Sheriff Of Cochise

Show Type: Police Drama

Syndication only

Produced: 1956-1960 (156 episodes)

Released: Fall 1956


Sheriff / Marshal Frank Morgan..... John Bromfield

Deputy Olson (1956-1958)..... Stan Jones

Deputy Blake (1958)..... Robert Brubaker

Deputy Tom Ferguson (1959-1960)..... James Griffith


John Bromfield played a no-nonsense lawman in this contemporary Western set in Cochise County, Arizona.

The emphasis was on high-speed chases and fistfights rather than on the use of guns and the scripts were generally interchangeable with those of Highway Patrol or State Trooper.

Actor-songwriter Stan Jones created the series and originally played the deputy, but left when Sheriff Morgan was promoted to U.S. Marshal and given the run of the entire state in 1958. There series title was also changed to U.S. Marshal at this time as well.

 Among the future stars playing supporting roles in various episodes of the show were David Janssen, Stacy Keach, Gavin MacLeod, Michael Landon, Charles Bronson, Doug McClure, Jack Lord, Martin Milner and Ross Martin.

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