Simon & Simon

Show Type: Detective Drama

First Telecast: November 24, 1981

Last Telecast: December 31, 1988


Andrew "A.J." Jackson Simon..... Jameson Parker

Rick Simon..... Gerald McRaney

Cecilia Simon..... Mary Carver

Janet Fowler (1981-1983)..... Jeannie Wilson

Myron Fowler (1981-1983)..... Eddie Barth

Detective Marcel "Downtown" Brown (1983-1987)..... Tim Reid

Officer Nixon (1986-1988)..... Scott Murphy

Lieutenant Abigail Marsh (1987-1988)..... Joan McMurtrey

Officer Susie (1988)..... Donna Jepsen

A.J. & Rick Simon were brothers, who didn't exactly look alike or act alike! A.J. was conservative, clean-cut, ambitious and dedicated. Rick was grubby, laid-back to the point of being lazy and eccentric. A.J. drove an immaculate convertible and kept his apartment spotless. Rick got around San Diego in a beat-up pickup truck, lived like a pig on a houseboat and was more interested in playing his guitar than in working.

Despite their very different lifestyles, A.J. and Rick were partners in a small, struggling detective agency, with A.J. spending much of his time trying to get Rick into a more "business-like" attitude. There was sibling rivalry - Rick tended to try his younger brothers' nerves - as well as a little disapproval from their mother, Cecilia, who wasn't too excited about them taking cases that didn't pay much money.

Across the street from their office was a rival agency run by crotchety Myron Fowler. Myron's daughter Janet worked for her dad as his secretary and sometimes helped Rick and A.J. out on their cases (this did not go over well with Myron!) After graduating from law school, Janet became an assistant district attorney, which took its toll on her relationship with the Simons when she was prosecuting one of their clients.

Meanwhile, Myron had closed his agency and retired but showed up as a part-time assistant for Rick and A.J. when he got bored with just sitting around the house. Undercover police detective Downtown Brown's unorthodox techniques for dealing with criminals and getting information appealed to Rick and appalled A.J.

When Downtown departed the show in the fall of 1987 (actor Tim Reid moved on to star in his own series titled Frank's Place), he was replaced by the much less friendly, by-the-book Lt. Abby Marsh.

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