Show Type: Serial Drama

First Telecast: May 11, 1991

Last Telecast: May 4, 1996

Broadcast History:

May 1991 June 1991, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on NBC

August 1991 May 1993, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on NBC

June 1993 July 1993, Thursday 10:00-11:00 on NBC

August 1993 April 1995, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on NBC

September 1995 May 1996, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on NBC


Alex Reed Halsey Barker..... Swoosie Kurtz

Teddy Reed..... Sela Ward

Georgie Reed Whitsig..... Patricia Kalember

Frankie Reed (1991-1995)..... Julianne Phillips

Beatrice Reed..... Elizabeth Hoffman

Dr. Wade Halsey (1991)..... David Dukes

Reed Halsey (1991)..... Kathy Wagner

Reed Halsey (1991-1994)..... Ashley Judd

Reed Halsey (1994-1995)..... Noelle Parker

John Whitsig..... Garrett M. Brown

Evan Whitsig (age 9)..... Dustin Berkovitz

Trevor Whitsig..... Ryan Francis

Mitch Margolis (1991-1994)..... Ed Marinaro

Cat Margolis (age 15)..... Heather McAdam

Victor Runkle (1991-1992)..... David Gianopoulos

Judge Truman Ventnor (1991-1995)..... Philip Sterling

Simon Bolt (1992-1993)..... Mark Frankel

Kirby Philby (1992-1994)..... Paul S. Rudd

Big Al Barker (1993-1996)..... Robert Klein

Norma Lear (1993-1996)..... Nora Dunn

Detective James Falconer (1993-1994)..... George Clooney

Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett (1994-1995)..... Jo Anderson

Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett (1995-1996)..... Sheila Kelley

Dr. David Caspian (1994-1995)..... Daniel Gerroll

Lucky (1994-1995)..... John Wesley Shipp

Roxie (1994-1995)..... Kathryn Zaremba

Daniel Albright (1994-1995)..... Gregory Harrison

Officer Billy Griffin (1995-1996)..... Eric Close

Brian Kohler-Voss (1995-1996)..... Joe Flanigan

Dr. Gabriel Sorenson (1995-1996)..... Stephen Collins


Set in deceptively peaceful Winnetka, Illinois, Sisters explored the emotional entanglements of the four Reed sisters as they came together to help their mother after the death of their father. Alex, the eldest, was a wealthy, WASP-ish plastic surgeon's wife who didn't realize that her marriage was in trouble (doc was a cross-dresser!); Frankie, the youngest, a high-powered young marketing analyst in love with Mitch; Georgie, a part-time real estate agent and the wife of flaky, out-of-work John; and Teddy, a free-spirited artist and on-and-off alcoholic, who breezed into town after "searching for herself" in California and promptly began trying to win Mitch, her ex, back from Frankie. Mother Beatrice was hitting the bottle a bit hard herself, leaving level-headed Georgie to play the role of family mediator. Kids included Alex's over-achieving daughter Reed, Teddy's teenager Cat, and Georgie's sons Evan and Trevor.

Each episode opened with the sisters chattering about their lives in a steam room. They had a lot to talk about: Alex and Wads's acrimonious separation, Frankie and Mitch's wedding (invaded by Teddy with a shotgun), Teddy's pregnancy, Evan's Leukemia. Another unique feature of the series was the inclusion of nostalgic "thinkbacks" to the sisters' childhood in Winnetka, in which the characters' younger and adult selves interacted.

Stories unfolded in soap-opera fashion over the years. Alex divorced Dr. Wade, had an affair with plumber Victor, battled breast cancer (1993), and finally began a new career as a talk-show host. Norma was her gay producer. In February 1994, Alex married Big Al, who proposed to her on the air. Shortly thereafter he was imprisoned on a tax fraud charge, only to be released and elected mayor, making her a first lady! Meanwhile, Reed eloped with Kirby (1992), had a baby (1994), and moved to Los Angeles.

Teddy began a new career as a fashion designer, had an affair with millionaire Simon, and in May 1994 married police detective Falconer (who had been investigating Cat's rape) on a plane when they thought it was about to crash. Falconer was killed by a drug dealer the following year. Georgie, having weathered Evan's leukemia and troubled son Trevor's problems, agreed to be a surrogate mother for her sister Frankie. In November 1992, she was in an auto accident and went into labor while trapped in the car, with everyone looking on, unable to reach her. This story was so bizarre that Hollywood approached her about making it into a movie. Subsequently she went into therapy with unscrupulous Dr. Caspian.

As for Frankie, she left the corporate world to run the Sweet Sixteen malt shop, where her sibs often hung out. She married Mitch in the fall of 1991. Unable to conceive, the couple used sister Georgie as a surrogate; the baby was named Thomas George. The marriage was nevertheless unstable, and eventually they broke up. In 1994-1995 Frankie began managing a prizefighter named Lucky.

Mother Bea found romance as well, marrying retired Judge Ventnor in 1992. He developed Alzheimer's disease and died in early 1995, and Alex was accused of his murder via assisted suicide.

The four sisters were joined by a fifth in April 1993, when it was revealed that their late father had still another daughter as a result of a long-term affair with his nurse. They were at first wary of their new half sister, Charley, but she eventually became one of the family, adding her woes to their own.

In the final season, Frankie left to pursue her business career; Georgie, divorced, had an affair with Brian; Cat became a police officer; and Teddy, shot during a car jacking, fell in love with the surgeon who saved her life, Gabriel, and became pregnant. In the final episode, Georgie got her degree with a thesis based on the lives of her sisters, but when she received an offer from Random House to publish it, the siblings were furious. Then mother Bea had a stroke and died, leaving Charley - the newest sister - as her executor. Super-successful businesswoman Frankie flew in from the Orient at the last minute, and the five sisters, together one last time, with Alex now the matriarch, scattered Bea's ashes in her beloved rose garden.