The Sixth Sense

Show Type: Occult

First Telecast: January 15, 1972

Last Telecast: December 30, 1972


Dr. Michael Rhodes..... Gary Collins

Nancy Murphy (January - May)..... Catherine Ferrar


"You enter a strange room for the first time, yet you know you've been there before. You dream about an event that happens some days later. Someone begins to talk, and you already know what they're going to say. A coincidence? Maybe. But more than likely it's extrasensory perception, a sixth sense that many scientists believe we all possess, but rarely use."

That quotation from a press release sums up the kind of stories told on this occult series. Dr. Michael Rhodes' studies in parapsychology at a major university took him into the uncharted waters of ESP, telepathy and other psychic phenomena. Nancy Murphy was his research assistant during the first few months of the shows brief history.

One of the more memorable episodes involved Dr. Rhodes communicating an escape plan to an American prisoner of war in Vietnam, by thought transference.

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