Soldier Of Fortune, Inc.

Show Type: Adventure

Syndication only

Produced: 1997-1999 (37 episodes)

Released: September 1997


Major Matt Shepherd..... Brad Johnson

Benny Ray Riddle..... Tim Abell

Margo Vincent..... Melinda Clarke

Jason "Chance" Walker (1997-1998)..... Real Andrews

Christopher "C.J." Yates (1997-1998)..... Mark A. Sheppard

Xavier Trout..... David Selby

Deacon "Deke" Reynolds (1998-1999)..... Dennis Rodman

Nick Delvecchio (1998-1999)..... David Eigenberg

Debbie the Waitress (1998-1999)..... Julie Nathanson


Filmed entirely in Canada, Soldier Of Fortune, Inc. revolved around Major Matthew Sheperd, formerly in the Army's Special Forces, who led a team of make-shift mercenaries, all former military personnel, as they undertook high risk operations for the government where "plausible deniability was imperative."

Members of the team, which operated out of a warehouse in Venice Beach, California, included: Riddle, a former Marine Staff Sergeant who was a crack shot and weapons expert; Yates, a former pilot for the British Special Air Service, who specialized in demolition and electronic surveillance; Walker, a former pilot who excelled at close quarters combat and Vincent, a beautiful former C.I.A. case officer whose specialties were cryptography and languages. Their covert missions were under the observation of Xavier Trout, a special consultant of the National Security Agency.

The first mission was to rescue four British being held hostage in Iraq after their helicopter crashed behind the lines. Other missions included: preventing an AWOL Marine in Cuba from killing Fidel Castro, capturing a General wanted by the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal in Bosnia, freeing a hated former KGB agent from a high security prison to protect U.S. agents in Moscow, and rescuing hostages from terrorists in Chile (which included Trout's daughter).

When the series returned for its second season, the title had been changed to SOF: Special Ops Force. Walker and Yates were gone and new to the team was Deke, a former Army helicopter pilot and demolitions expert who had almost been court-martialed for insubordination and Nick, a former D.E.A. agent who loved going undercover. They had converted the warehouse to the Silver Star Bar, and were using it as a cover for their real profession.

At the end of the May 1999 series finale, viewers learned that Debbie, the perky waitress at the bar was an enemy agent monitoring their activities.

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