Sports Night

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 22, 1998

Last Telecast: January 11, 2000


Casey McCall..... Peter Krause

Dan Rydell..... Josh Charles

Dana Whitaker..... Felicity Huffman

Isaac Jaffee..... Robert Guillaume

Jeremy Goodwin..... Joshua Malina

Natalie Hurley..... Sabrina Lloyd

Elliott..... Greg Baker

Kim..... Kayla Blake

Chris..... Timothy Davis Reed


A catchy workplace sitcom set behind the scenes at a late-night sports program. 

Sports Night was the flagship sportscast of the Continental Sports Channel (CSC), a fictional New York cable network. The two young, egotistical anchors were Casey, a single dad coming off a nasty divorce, and his friend Dan, a good-time kind of guy and loyal friend.

Behind the cameras were: Dana, their dedicated but overworked producer, who was always pushing them to do their best; Isaac, the demanding boss who alternated between laying down the law to his staff and fighting off interfering network bigwigs; Jeremy, the nervous, eyeglass-wearing researcher with an encyclopedic knowledge of sports and Natalie, the eager young associate producer who was constantly in on the run. Kim, Elliott and Chris were among the more frequently seen technicians on the set.

Episodes revolved around the pursuit of stories in the highly competitive world of sports journalism, often testing everyone's ethics and the personal lives of the enthusiastic staff.

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